The Show 2018

Show – Magic of the Silver Screen

Date: Sunday 7 October.

Performances are at 3pm and 5pm.,

Children are required for BOTH performances

NOTE:  Twinkle Toes students only take part in the 3.00pm performance.

Dress Rehearsal is Sunday 30 September details below.

Tickets are £5 each and are on sale now!  Please put payment in an envelope and write on it

  • Student name
  • Number of tickets required and for which performance

And then hand it to me or Emily.

The Dress Rehearsal and Show itself are taking place in Bede College, the building immediately on the left as you turn into the campus.

Rehearsals and Show Day

In order to make best use of time and so that it isn’t too long a day on Show Day itself, particularly for the younger students, I have put together the following timetable.  It details when children are required for the Dress Rehearsal and Show day, but I have also slightly rearranged the class time table Saturday 29 September and Saturday 6 October.  For some children it will be business as usual, for others it may mean a different start time and maybe a slightly longer class. My apologies for the change in our usual schedule but it means a shorter day on show day, which I am sure we will all be pleased about!

It would be most helpful if students who don’t normally attend Saturdays could come along 29 September and 6 October.  I realise this may not be possible for some of you, but if it is please do.

Any questions please just ask!

Classes are at the usual times this Saturday 22 September.

Saturday 29 September and 6 October

9.00-9.40am                         Twinkle Toes

9.45-10.30am                      Both Fancy Feet Classes (ie 11.30am Fancy Feet 2 come at 9.45am)

10.30-11.15am                   Both Pre-Primary Classes (ie 12.15 Pre-Primary 2 come at 10.30am)

11.30-12.30pm                                    Primary

11.45-1.00pm                     Grade 1’s not in April showers

11.45-1.30pm                     Grade 1’s in April Showers (Amelie, Emily B, Isabella, Leah, Olivia)

1.00-3.00pm                        Grade 3’s in April Showers

1.30-3.00                                Rest of Grade 3’s

1.30-3.30                                Grade 5’s

Dress Rehearsal – Sunday 30 September

The Dress Rehearsal is to iron out glitches with costumes so finish times may be a little later!  The sooner we get dancing the sooner we will finish, so a prompt arrival would be appreciated.

Twinkle Toes                                                                                11.15-12.30pm

Fancy Feet, Pre-Primary, Primary and Grade 1       10.45–1.45pm

Grade 3                                                                                           10.30-1.45pm

Grade 5                                                                                           10.00-1.45pm

Show Day – Sunday 7 October

12.15pm               Grade 5 arrive

12.45pm               Grade 3 arrive

1.45pm                                    Grade 1 and Primaries arrive

2.00pm                                    Fancy Feet, Pre-Primaries and Twinkle Toes arrive

Children will be ready to go home at 6.30/6.45pm

Twinkle Toes will be able to leave after the first show.

What the children need

Students will need the following for both Dress Rehearsal (29 September) and Show day (7 October).

Please name everything!!  Can you please also provide a bag big enough to put the children’s everyday clothes in.

Hair– the required styles are listed below.  No added ribbons, slides, bows etc – each costume has its own hair decoration.  No fringes, wisps etc – hair needs to be well secured using hair bobbles, grips and hair pins and hair nets where necessary.  Logistically with 100 students taking part in the show it isn’t possible for us to do hair, so if you could please ensure that this is done beforearriving it would be a huge help!

Students will need drinks and something to eat.  Because of the costumes clear drinks and non sticky foods if at all possible.  NO NUTS PLEASE.

Twinkle Toes, Fancy Feet, Pre-Primary, Primary

Own shoes and leotards (chiffon skirts are notneeded)

A pair of white ankle socks please.

Twinkle Toes and Fancy Feet–       Hair in high bunches please

Pre-Primary and Primary–              Hair in high ponytail please

Grade 1

Own shoes and leotards (character shoes and skirts are notneeded).  Boys need their shorts.

A pair of white ankle socks please.

Girls hair in a high ponytail

Wednesday class need a teddy bear!

Grade 3

Own ballet shoes, leotards, ballet tights (girls), shorts and white socks (boys) and character shoes (character skirts are not needed)

Girls hair in a high bun.

Grade 5 and Intermediate

Own ballet shoes, leotards and ballet tights.  A pair of black ankle socks – Grade 5’s)

Hair in a low bun

Thank you!